Linda & Wesley

Couples session in Malaga, pier one.


Couples session in Malaga, pier one.

Doing a couple session in Malaga can sometimes be complicated because depending on the time of year and time the light can be very hard, but the sun does not always shine in Malaga. And for a city that is so used to sunny days when it is not so changes its aesthetics.

And I love this kind of light, so I did not think twice to go out with Linday Wesley to Pier One and enjoy a while of photos.

The good thing about this part of Malaga is that it has many corners and depending on the light you use it can look one way or another.

Linda and Wesley are a Dutch couple who come from time to time to Malaga on vacation with Linda's parents. We met through Instagram and after talking for a few days they decided to go for a photo shoot. The truth is that from minute one we connected super well and after about 10 minutes chatting we started taking some photos.
Without a doubt Muelle Uno is for me one of the best places to do a pre-wedding session in Malaga. pre-wedding session in Malaga
I hope you like this session.