"Every story deserves to be told in the best possible way. This is where yours begins."




Don't let your memories get lost in time, your adventure starts here, let's create together this part of your history.
Alberto Casacruz


I am aware of all the love, effort, time and dedication that you put into making sure that everything goes perfectly and that your guests enjoy such a special day with you.

I will do my best to make it happen and your only concern will be to "ENJOY".

I will answer some questions

Preparing a wedding takes a lot of effort and time. Many suppliers and many things to take into account, and surely you will have some QUESTIONS regarding the PHOTOGRAPHY of your wedding, so in this page I want to HELP you to RESOLVE some of them.

01 / Where are you from?
I am from Málaga, I currently live in a coastal town called Rincón de la Victoria, which enjoys a quiet atmosphere almost all year round.
02 / Do you work outside?
I travel both in Spain and the rest of the countries if you wish. Both traveling and photography are two of my passions, so being able to do it together makes me very happy.
03 / Do you go to weddings?
Yes, I will always be the person who goes to your wedding. That's why I only do a limited number of weddings per year and I don't do more than one wedding on the same weekend.
Alberto Casacruz - Wedding photos

Alberto Casacruz - Wedding photos

04 / How many weddings do you do?

I currently do a maximum of 20 weddings a year.

The reason for doing a limited number of weddings per year is because I like to be able to offer you a more personal and close treatment, and that we can connect better.

05 / How long are you?

I cover your entire wedding, from the preparations to the open bar. I usually stay between 1 and 2 hours from the beginning of the party.

06 / How do you work?

One of my priorities for your wedding day is to put your mind at ease and make everything as easy as possible.

That's why I like to go unnoticed, and that you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest so that I can bring out the best in you.

Alberto Casacruz - Wedding photos

07 / Do you work alone?

Most of the weddings I do I go alone, although you can count on a second person taking pictures if necessary.

08 / We are afraid of the camera

It's normal to be a little scared of the camera or a little nervous. That's what I'm here for.

I will help you to make everything happen in a natural way and to enjoy the moment of the photos.

09 / When do we receive the photos?

The maximum delivery time is 30 days after your wedding. Although in 2-3 days you will receive a small advance so you can share some photos.

Alberto Casacruz - Wedding photos
Alberto Casacruz - Wedding photos
Alberto Casacruz - Wedding photos

10 / How do we receive the photos?

You will receive your photos through an online gallery through which you will not only be able to see your photos, but you will also be able to share them with your family and friends in a very easy way.

11 / Do you deliver something in physical?

I always make a physical delivery, although this will be a surprise for you. I like you to enjoy that moment of receiving it without knowing very well what will be inside.

12 / How can we book?

Once you have decided who you want to accompany you at your wedding, a first payment of 30% will be made as a reservation.

The remainder will be paid one week before the wedding.


Your wedding is unique and that's why I give it a more personal approach.
No matter where you come from, who you are or who you love, I want to capture those moments in time for you so you can remember them forever.


I put all my passion into telling your story.
Every story deserves to be told in the best way, and that's why I do a limited number of weddings each year, and I don't do 2 weddings in the same weekend. It is my commitment to you to give you the time and attention you need.

Alberto Casacruz - Wedding photos


Do I do weddings outside Malaga?
Of course, I travel wherever it is necessary to tell your story. Traveling and photography are two passions. Being able to travel to tell stories all over the world is a privilege.

We panic in front of the camera

Probably one of the phrases you say to me the most.
Don't worry about it, it's the most normal thing in the world and almost all couples are nervous before the sessions, even those you see here that seem to be very relaxed and enjoying themselves. Part of my job is to make you feel comfortable and enjoy not only the photos but the moment. You don't need to be professional models, just be yourselves and enjoy each other.

Alberto Casacruz - Wedding photos


As for my style of photography, it is a personaL style, being always TRUE to what is happening so that you can relive your day as it was. I have never been a fan of fashions or trends, I consider them to be "fleeting" and I don't want your memories to be. For me the value of a photograph is in the ability to make you relive a unique moment that has already passed, so that over the years the essence of that moment remains alive and not a fashion that took place.



When will we get our photos?
You will have your photos ready in a maximum of 30 days. So when you get back from your honeymoon you can enjoy them and relive the day all over again.


Your photos in a different way.
As I told you before, if there is something I like is to take care of the details and your experience. It could not be less the way you are going to receive your photos. I'm not going to reveal much here but I assure you that you will fall in love with the gallery. Oh, and an important fact, you will be able to access your photos ALWAYS.

Alberto Casacruz - Wedding photos


How far in advance do I need to book?
For me it is very important that we can get to know each other before your big day, and that we can talk about everything you need for the big day. There are many things to take into account, so my recommendation is that you book at least 6 months in advance.

You also have to take into account that there is more and more demand and that photography is one of the things that are booked before. That's why my recommendation is that you don't delay too much once you already know your date and the place where you are going to celebrate your big day.

What is the method of payment?
A first payment of 400€ will be made as a reservation and the rest you have until 1 week before the wedding to pay as you wish.

Alberto Casacruz - Wedding Photographer Marbella


Thank you very much for coming this far. If you already know that you liked what you have seen, it's time to get to know each other and talk a little bit about what's important.

As you may already know, I only do a maximum number of weddings per year. It's the only way I can do things the way I like and with the love and dedication you deserve.

Do not miss any detail.


    Spend the day enjoying yourself and not posing for pictures.

    Dance, laugh, sing, cry, hug, feel, and don't stop enjoying even a single moment...
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