Marina & Luismi



Last November 9th we were enjoying a wonderful day at the wedding of Marina and Luismi. They had very clear that it would be a wedding in La Cabane, Marbella. No doubt Marina and Luismi are one of those people with whom it is really easy to connect and get along well, always with a smile and pending of every detail. For me it was a pleasure to be with them during this important day and live it in first person.

Both decided to get dressed at Hotel Los Monteros. As wedding photographer in Marbella is lucky to be able to enjoy days like this in the middle of November. And perhaps this is one of the reasons why more and more weddings are celebrated in October and November.

Marina's hair and makeup were done by the professionals of OuiNovias. Dress by the designer Susana Hidalgo and the piece chosen to complement her hairstyle by Martina Dorta. The truth is that Marina was really spectacular and as I say, always accompanied by that beautiful smile.

For his part Luismi chose Lebrel Málaga to make his suit. As I said before they are always smiling and Luismi as well as Marina did not miss the smile at any time.

The floral decoration and the bouquet were the work of a great friend of the couple and artist, Virginia florist.

All the preparation for the party was in charge of One 2 One MK Marbella and the band that had the crowd going wild was Electroduendes.